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This page is an information hub for everything PD2-related - it includes hyperlinks for tools, guides, and other info that isn't on the wiki itself.


Main site: (download, rules, trade, armory/ladder, donate, etc)

Discord: PD2's Discord (announcements, game discussion, feedback, whitelist & recruitment forms, etc)

Reddit: r/ProjectDiablo2 (not as active as discord)

Wiki: (you're here now)

Github: (open-source aspects of PD2, including launcher's list of lootfilters)


Links relating to installation, file setup, filter editing, etc

Name Author Description
D2 Classic & D2 LoD Blizzard Shop links for purchasing the vanilla game - if you already own the game, go to your account to check your keys
Installation Guide cory Step-by-step instructions for installing PD2 (source)
PlugY Yohann Nicolas, BetweenWalls PlugY with settings adjusted for PD2
PD2-Singleplayer Pack BetweenWalls PlugY item/character pack for singleplayer
PD2-Converter dschu012, BetweenWalls Converts singleplayer character/stash files to the most recent season (no need to drop items)
FilterBird BetweenWalls Filter simulation tool
Item Filter Highlighting multimentha Filter syntax highlighting for Notepad++, screenshot: Notepad++ color coding for loot filters - quick comparison.png
Loot Filter Hints TommyC90 Filter syntax highlighting for Visual Studio Code
Shader comparison bayaraa Side-by-side visualization of shaders available for PD2 - source documentation: shaders, shader system
Glide 3DFX Wrapper Sven Labusch Alternative graphics system compared to customizable shaders - guide: Glide Setup, use version 1.3c or later
Virtual key codes Microsoft May be useful to reference when manually editing hotkeys in ProjectDiablo.cfg
Archived Technical Links
Name Author Description
D2 Filter Picker mik1893 Tool to quickly switch loot filter in use, selecting it from an online repository of filters. Can be customized to use your own list of filters. (PD2's launcher does this now)
Singleplayer Item Pack Swoosh, Wuslwiz Includes items & characters for singleplayer with PlugY (older versions: S1 S2) (last updated in S3)


Links to sites/files which focus on presenting objective game data or calculations in various useful ways

Name Author Description
Text Files/Text File Tables PD2 Dev Team, BetweenWalls PD2 text files (extracted from pd2data.mpq using MPQ Editor & D2 LoD listfile)
"Portal" Skill Planner BetweenWalls Character skill planner with skill/synergy info up to level 60
Necromancer Pet Calculator ultraover (Renato Machado) Necromancer pet calculator, with correct damage calculations from auras and spirits
Runeword Grid BetweenWalls Shows weapon runewords in a grid with runewords on one axis and weapon types on the other axis. Helps visualize which runewords can be used in which bases.
Runewizard for PD2 Kvothe, fabd Shows runewords based on selected runes, with runeword info available on mouse-over
Affix Calculator Swoosh Shows available affixes for an item based on user-selected inputs - make a copy of the document to use it
Monster Revive Chart perkylaturkey Image chart for reviving monsters (source)
A2 Merc Weapon Comparison Satyrox Image chart for comparing many popular weapons for act 2 mercenaries (source)
A2 Merc Weapon DPS BetweenWalls Image chart for comparing breakpoints & relative DPS of most weapons for act 2 mercenaries (source)
BFury/BSentinel Calc Sass Calculates Blade Fury/Sentinel damage - make a copy of the documents to use them (source)
PD2 Reference Elusive Calculates DPS, helps compare weapons/jewels, and adds currencies based on input values - make a copy of the doc to use it (source)
Weapon Analysis BetweenWalls Calculates DPS for all weapons based on input values - make a copy of the document to use it
Alvl Chart BetweenWalls Shows alvl based on ilvl and qlvl
Archived Data Links
Name Author Description
PD2 Tooling Meeps Item reference and search tool (site offline)
PD2 RuneWizard itsme Shows runewords based on selected runes, with runeword info available on mouse-over (last updated 2021-02-07)
Runecatcher msr- Shows runewords based on selected runes, item types, sockets, and magic properties (last updated in S3)
Runeword Explorer Fractall_Games Shows runewords based on selected runes, item types, sockets, stats, etc (vanilla & pd2) (last updated in S3)
Runeword Calculator & Filter Acien Shows runewords based on selected runes, item types, sockets, and string search (vanilla & pd2) (last updated in S5)
Maxroll PD2 Planner Riv Full character planner (briefly supported during S4; some features such as save/load no longer work, some items/affixes such as belts/skillmods cause crashes, and some info may be inaccurate)

For vanilla data, see vanilla wikis and tools:


Guides that haven't been updated in a while may be more outdated than others, depending on the topic they cover.


Links to guides which focus on topics other than character builds

Name Author Updated
A truly comprehensive Dclone guide - Mechanics/Numbers/Strategies Wuslwiz 2020-12-02 (s1)
Comprehensive Guide on Summons' Damage - Necromancer Version ultraover (Renato Machado) 2020-12-27 (s1)
Act 5 Merc Guide kickbitbeatborg 2021-03-12 (s2)
Pathfinding Guide Knoofle 2021-03-20 (s2)
End-Game Basics for PD2 Aygran 2021-04-16 (s2)
Shopping Guide Hastmannen 2021-04-26 (s2)
Gambling Guide Hastmannen 2021-04-27 (s2)
Basic Mechanics and Mercenary Guide Mayswan 2021-05-10 (s2)
Low Level Duels Item guide clvl 1-30 Hastmannen 2021-05-20 (s2)
Claw Guide for answering "are these white claws worth anything?" (source) Bagel 2021-07-23 (s3)
The practical guide to LLD-crafting rlvl 30 Hastmannen 2022-02-28 (s4)
Discord Trading Guide ChugThatEstus 2022-07-20 (s5)


Links to character build guides

Name Author Updated Description
Catalog of PD2 Builds pedrob_d, hulkster0422 2022-06-06 (s4) Includes descriptions of over 200 builds and variations, with links to over 100 guides (source)


Name Author Updated
2-Handed Spear Amazon - Build Guide Funguskeeper 2020-11-06 (s1)
Bowazon Multi/Immolation & Multi/Guided - Build Guide
Bowazon Multi/Immolation & Multi/Guided
Funguskeeper 2020-11-06 (s1)
Comprehensive All-Content Bowazon Guide Kizari 2020-12-06 (s1)
"Prowazon" Fastest Clear Multishot Amazon sKeLeToR 2020-12-08 (s1)
Lightning Strike Javazon Guide Seggi 2020-12-29 (s1)
Windforce Multishot Bowazon bora 2020-12-29 (s1)
"Plaguespreader" Poison Javazon sKeLeToR 2021-01-04 (s1)
Bora's Lightning Strike Javazon Guide Bora 2021-01-20 (s1)
Fire Trangoul Bowazon (obsoleted) ChugThatEstus 2021-02-04 (s1)
Blood Raven Bowazon Igtenos 2021-05-10 (s2)
HC Bearzon Amadeus/JimiHendrix 2021-05-23 (s2)
S2 End-Game Multi-Shot Amazon - Build Guide Lucky Luciano 2021-06-22 (s2)
Power Strike/Lightning Fury Leveling Amazon Guide Marvl 2021-11-27 (s4)
Summoner Amazon - Build Guide Lawlsuit 2022-01-16 (s4)
Multi-Strafe-Shot Amazon - Build Guide ChugThatEstus 2022-02-08 (s4)
Fire Arrow Amazon - Build Guide ChugThatEstus 2022-02-12 (s4)
MarrowZon - Build Guide Mayswan 2022-12-11 (s6)


Name Author Updated
Lightning Trap Assassin Guide Ehliminatoa 2020-11-30 (s1)
Hybrid Bladesin - An In-Depth Guide Wuslwiz 2020-12-08 (s1)
Venom Bow Assassin Guide ChugThatEstus 2021-01-11 (s1)
Poison Dagger Assassin Guide ChugThatEstus 2021-01-13 (s1)
Dragon Talon "Kicksin" Assassin Guide Syron1x 2021-01-28 (s1)
Mindblast Assassin Guide Sass & Bagel 2021-03-12 (s2)
Fire Trapper Ehliminatoa 2021-03-19 (s2)
Cobra strike Assassin Guide Bagel 2021-03-22 (s2)
Whirlwind "Shadow" Assassin Guide InsightKnight 2021-07-23 (s3)
Blade Fury Assassin Guide Sass 2021-12-03 (s4)
Mind Blast Leveling Assassin Guide Marvl 2021-12-03 (s4)
Blade Sentinel Assassin Guide ChugThatEstus 2022-02-07 (s4)
Blade Fury (Multishot) Assassin Guide ChugThatEstus 2022-02-11 (s4)
Fissure & Blizzard Blades Assassin Guide ChugThatEstus 2022-05-26 (s4)
Phoenix Strike Assassin Guide Lqgash 2022-06-24 (s5)
Real Guides #2 - Dual Elemental Trapsin Wuslwiz 2022-07-16 (s5)
Kick Assassin Guide Kitastrophe 2022-12-07 (s6)
Orphan's Call Dragon Talon kicksin Zagdem 2023-04-15 (s6)
Phoenix Strike Assassin add to guide#2 Lqgash 2023-04-16 (s7)


Name Author Updated
Throw Barbarian - Build Guide Funguskeeper 2020-11-06 (s1)
FlyManXoxo's Comprehensive Throwing Barbarian Guide FlyManXoxo 2020-11-13 (s1)
HC Wolf Barbarian - Build Guide LordDeSeis 2020-11-22 (s1)
Frenzy Barbarian Guide Ananochi 2020-12-07 (s1)
Incinerator Frenzy Barbarian sKeLeToR 2020-12-13 (s1)
DoomFamine DreamDragon Frenzy Barbarian sKeLeToR 2020-12-19 (s1)
Warcry Barb theBerliner 2021-01-13 (s1)
Whirlwind Barb AlwaysOn_nakama 2021-03-11 (s2)
Gold Find / Magic Find Travincal Barb In-Depth Guide Hastmannen 2021-04-17 (s2)
AFK Gold Find Barb Guide Skitzdrift 2021-09-11 (s3)
Frenzy/Dual Swing Leveling Barbarian Guide Marvl 2021-12-03 (s4)
Jab/Fend Barb ChugThatEstus 2021-12-03 (s4)
Blizzard (Cold) Barbarian Guide ChugThatEstus 2022-02-17 (s4)
HC Bow Barbarian Guide ChugThatEstus 2022-05-20 (s4)
Wolfbarb Guide nazh202 2022-07-11 (s5)
Throw Barb In-Depth Guide ChubHC, Toner 2022-07-11 (s5)
Travincal Gold/Magic Find Guide CrankyGnome 2022-08-16 (s5)
Comprehensive Leap Barb guide for Season 7 HarryPe 2023-04-28 (s7)


Name Author Updated
Full Summon Druid - Build Guide Funguskeeper 2020-11-06 (s1)
Fire Elemental Druid - Build Guide Funguskeeper 2020-11-06 (s1)
Fireclaw + Fury Druid - Build Guide Funguskeeper 2020-11-06 (s1)
Fury On Strike Druid - Build Guide Funguskeeper 2020-11-06 (s1)
Summoner Druid - An In-Depth Guide Wuslwiz 2020-11-15 (s1)
Wind Druid Overview Thomas McMullen 2020-11-16 (s1)
Fireclaw Bear Build Guide and Showcase (old version) SchmittyTACP 2021-06-30 (s2)
ATD Shapeshift Guide SchmittyTACP 2021-10-06 (s3)
Summoning Druid Guide Marvl 2021-12-03 (s4)
Maul Werebear Guide SchmittyTACP 2022-02-01 (s4)
Fire Elemental Guide SchmittyTACP 2022-02-26 (s4)
Artic Maul Bear ChugThatEstus 2022-03-04 (s4)
Windy Elemental Guide SchmittyTACP 2022-06-24 (s5)
Shockwave Bear Druid Guide ChugThatEstus 2022-07-12 (s5)
Fury Druid Complete Guide Funguskeeper 2022-07-12 (s5)
Rabies Wolf SchmittyTACP 2022-05-24 (s6)
Fireclaw Bear Build Guide SchmittyTACP 2023-04-27 (s7)


Name Author Updated
Curse and Golem Necromancer - Build Guide Funguskeeper 2020-11-06 (s1)
The Revive Golem Necro GUIDE ultraover (Renato Machado) 2020-11-16 (s1)
Skeleton/Golem snapshot Necro summoner Angryaa 2020-11-20 (s1)
Comprehensive Bone Necromancer: "The Dentist" Allenh93 2020-11-20 (s1)
Explosionmancer - Corpse Explosion Build Krylus 2020-12-05 (s1)
Thetedster's Poison-Necro Guide From Beginning to End Thetedster 2020-12-14 (s1)
sKeLeToR's "Gamma Ray" Poison Necro sKeLeToR 2021-01-04 (s1)
ChickenSoups Necromancer Golem/Revive Guide ChickenSoup 2021-02-16 (s1)
Poison Necro Guide - Complete Poison Build Bubbles 2021-03-12 (s2)
Delphino's Teeth Necro Delphino 2021-04-16 (s2)
Pyromancer ChugThatEstus 2021-12-03 (s4)
MultishotMancer ChugThatEstus 2021-12-03 (s4)
Brand Bowmancer Guide ChugThatEstus 2022-02-10 (s4)
Support Curse Necro - Uber Trist CircaG 2022-06-24 (s5)
Curse Necro Guide toadflax 2022-06-23 (s5)
Fire Golem Guide Kn1f3wr3nch 2022-07-31 (s5)


Name Author Updated
Paladin holy shock beginner guide yeetmaster655 2020-11-14 (s1)
Flamewarden Zealot Paladin sKeLeToR 2020-12-15 (s1)
Frost Knight Zealot Paladin sKeLeToR 2020-12-19 (s1)
UberFanazealot Maddinsche 2021-03-03 (s1)
Holy Bolt Paladin JamesZahh 2021-03-12 (s2)
Budget Uber Zealer Skitzdrift 2021-09-29 (s3)
Uber Zealer schnda 2021-11-01 (s3)
The Hydradin ChugThatEstus 2021-12-03 (s4)
Summoner Zealot Igtenos 2022-01-17 (s4)


Name Author Updated
Meteor Sorceress - Build Guide Funguskeeper 2020-11-06 (s1)
Combustion/Fireball/Frozen Orb - Build Guide GTBword 2020-11-16 (s1)
Melee Enchantress - Outdated ChugThatEstus 2020-11-20 (s1)
Fire Bolt / Combustion - Build Guide Lpdp_ 2020-12-01 (s1)
Multi-Shot Bow Sorceress - Build Guide Lucky Luciano 2021-06-09 (s2)
No-block Combustion Phoenix Sorceress Starshine09 2022-01-17 (s4)
Fend/Jab Spearceress ChugThatEstus 2022-01-21 (s4)
Frozen Queen - Blizzard Build Guide CircaG 2022-06-24 (s5)
Ice Maiden Bow Sorc ChugThatEstus 2022-06-24 (s5)
Real Guides #1 - Key/Token Farm Fireball/Combustion Guide Wuslwiz 2022-07-09 (s5)
Arcanetress - Lightning Sorc Season Starter Guide CircaG 2022-11-05 (s5)
Vita Cold Sorc Ezraeil, IReflexxionz, & Astarael 2022-11-27 (s6)


Links for anything that doesn't fit into the above categories

Name Author Description
Map Running Database Mayswan, toadflax Community-made collection of map clear times for various builds with leaderboards ranking their clearspeeds (see S5 data)
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NOTICE: The info linked below may be especially opinion-based or speculative - it might be a good starting point, but it should not be an ending point. Don't fall into the trap of letting other people do your thinking for you, even when it comes to small things like item values in a video game.

Name Author Description
Currency Values BetweenWalls* List of common values for runes and other currency-like items (anyone can edit)
DH's Build Tier List DarkHumility DarkHumility's S7 PD2 Late Game Mapping Tier List/Infographic
Archived Miscellanous Links
Name Author Description
Mr. Goodbar's Rune Prices Mr. Goodbar Mr. Goodbar's PD2 Rune Prices (Season 2)
Lucky's Rune Prices Lucky Luciano Lucky's PD2 S6 Rune Prices
DH's Build Tier List DarkHumility DarkHumility's S6 PD2 Late Game Mapping Tier List/Infographic (also see versions for: S4, S5)
BT's Build Tier List BTNeandertha1 Project Diablo 2 Tier Lists by BTNeandertha1 (Separate tabs for S4/S5)